Online PR is all about community


Spot on. PR firms and brands, please watch this this. Then watch it again, and internalize it. With no further comment:

Online PR is all about Community from RealWire on Vimeo.


Update: A great way to get involved in the community is by the way – in all bluntness – to sponsor a community event. Like the one we’re putting together for late September, atoms&bits Festival. Feel free to drop me a line or read more about it here.

eCommerce (the New School of…)


At Barcamp Hamburg, I saw Stefan Betzold of Pier314 prese these slides. Stefan shared insights about the new school of – or rather: some trends in – eCommerce. Namely, the trend is to move away from one centralized shop on a company’s website towards a more decentralized approach that works through widgets, rich banners and organic/viral distribution (aka atomization). Pretty good stuff, I’ll definitively have to check out the individual examples he mentioned.

Slideshow: Free Traffic. Social Media Marketing 101


At Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco, Muhammad Saleem gave this great presentation on Social Media Marketing. It covers the basics as well as some advanced background info, like about the Digg algorithm.

For further reading make sure to check out the references he kindly provided.

(via Matthias Henze)