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A Swarm of Angels: Worlds Will Shatter


Ground-breaking collaborative film project A Swarm of Angels just released the first video trailer, and boy, I can’t wait to see more:

Worlds Will Shatter – The Unfold trailer from Nine Orders on Vimeo.

I’ve been a proud member of the Swarm for a while. And while it’s not always easy to find a good way to actively get involved in the process of shooting this massive collaborative open-source movie, it’s amazing to be part of something as grand as this could be. It is, seriously, what I think could be a glimpse at the future of movie production.

As of now, it’s again possible to join as a member. For quite a while registration had been closed while things were prepared to proceed. Click here to join for a donation of $47/€37.

A Swarm of Angels: Poster release


If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you might be familiar a film project I find to be really neat: A Swarm of Angels (former posts of mine here) will be a real, and radical, innovation: It’ll be big-ass, professionally produced movie funded (in terms of both money and creativity) by a community of film fans, the so-called Swarm. It’ll be released for re-mixing under a Creative Commons license.

A Swarm of Angels: The Unfold poster by Jonathan ValienteIt’s a great project which I think really takes community-involvement to a new level: As a member, you can get directly give your input at all levels, even script development. In between things, promo materials are developed, and later voted about. The best get used. One vote I’d like to point out is one out of a whole bunch of votes: The teaser poster vote. You can see a short-list of five poster drafts here.

My favorite? Jonathan Valiente’s poster design.

As soon as registration opens up again, you can join The Swarm here.

A Swarm of Angels: Thousands not hundreds


I was thrilled to hear that A Swarm of Angels (the amazing collaborative community-based film project lead by Matt Hanson) is hitting the 1000+ members mark: This also means its time to freeze membership for a little while to guarantee for the necessary stability. Phase 2 out of 5 accomplished!

You can join here.

As I’m typing this, the countdown to freezing the membership shows 001:08:28:34, i.e. 1 day and 8 hours to go. If you’re already a member, or if you joined before this countdown runs out, you’ll get First 1000 status, granting a number of privileges including the right to invite more members during the next phase. Membership, or the relevant investment if you want, is 25 pounds ($50, €36). You’ll be funding an amazing & fun collaborative film project. (According to Forbes Magazine, you’ll even be supporting a revolutionary.)

I’ve been involved (a lot more passively than actively, which is a bummer, really) with the Swarm for quite a while yet, and it’s been really interesting to get a glimpse into the way movies can be produced as collaboratively as this.

The two scripts that are being developed for production as of now are The Unfold and Glitch:

The Unfold A disaffected Musician receives a phone call from his Mother, who everyone believed died a decade ago, triggering a search to rescue her inside ‘The Fold’. He sets off on a journey where he must confront family secrets, a shadowy organisation, Cell Division, and a strange dimensional force that threatens to destroy the world. Glitch A videogame artist recreates his childhood love as an idoru. A voyeuristic cable installer meddles in his customers lives. A neglected housewife finds evidence of an affair on a lost phone. In a world of the wireless, the powerless, and the loveless, it is time they all made a connection.

Both of which could be quite intriguing from what I’ve heard so far.

Link, join



A Swarm of Angels: Movie Poster Competition


A Swarm of Angels poster competition Ever thought of designing a poster? Like, one that’s going to be the official promo material for a real movie? (And a kick-ass one, too!) Well, here’s your chance.

The great independent, collaborative & community-driven film project A Swarm of Angels has started a movie poster competition.

Palla has released his latest stunning image for A Swarm of Angels visualisations under a Creative Commons license (CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0), so we can use it as the main photographic element of our teaser poster for The Unfold. We’d like you to make the final design. Brief: The image explores one of the main visual effects of the story — the idea of the world splitting, fracturing, and unfolding. The poster should showcase this using the photograph as a core visual, but with additional typographic and illustrative elements as the designer sees fit. This is an opportunity to indulge in classic and artistic poster design free of the usual commercial imperatives and informational clutter associated with many modern examples. Posters format: Final size – A2 (16.5 x 23.4 in — 420 x 594 mm). Portrait or landscape aspect ratio.Submissions should be preview jpegs no more than 1500 pixels in length maximum. All images submitted must fall under a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC license, with the winning image able to be used in all ASOA activities.

Link to the poster competition …or join The Swarm and support the movie, too.

zeit.zuender covers A Swarm of Angels


Community-based, super-collaborative film project A Swarm of Angels is picking up speed. By now, it’s even slowly getting some credit in German media. Meike Richter just wrote a nice piece for zeit.zuender.

It’s always nice to see A Swarm of Angels covered – it’s an awesome and ambitious project which I’m glad to support. (Older posts about the Swarm here.) Maybe it’s time for a new year’s resolution: Support the Swarm more actively.


Relaunch: A Swarm of Angels


A Swarm of Angels

The great & ambitious film collaborative film project A Swarm Of Angels (which I’m a proud, if passive, member of) have relaunched their website. Now it’s all in the looks of the new official poster above. A Swarm Of Angels, or ASOA for short, is headed by film maker Matt Hanson (his website, his weblog), but it’s also a collaborative effort, funded by the community and produced for the public. It’s all strictly CC and No-DRM, it’s creative, and hopefully prove a useful alternative to the mainstream movie productions we’ve all gotten used to.

ASOA is currently in development 2 out of 5. You can still become a member, more info about joining here.

Good work, Angels. Keep it up!