Brain Trust


If you’d like to support my independent writing (of which I produce quite a lot), I invite you to join my informal personal brain trust. This is the best mechanism to make sure I can keep writing and sharing my writing freely.

It works under the beautiful idea of “unlocked commons”, meaning there are no paywalls and no exclusives: This serves to make sure everything stays part of the commons and keeps contributing to the commons.

There are currently two modes of membership:

You might wonder…

What does your membership support?

I write about 100.000 words a year that are published for free online. This includes:

I also occasionally experiment with new formats and channels, always with a strong default towards sharing the results (and successes, and failures) openly.

No exclusives, but there might be sneak peeks

And while there won’t be any exclusives, through my newsletter you’ll get a heads-up for new projects or events; if I find out how to send news just to members, I’ll make sure to give you an extra heads-up on these things. And if our paths cross, I’ll be more than happy to meet up for a coffee, too.

We need more constructive yet critical voices

My writing often explores themes that are highly critical of the status quo of the tech industry, and in defense of user rights and responsible technology. I’m so publicly vocal about these issues because I deeply care, and because I believe it’s important that we all stand up for what we believe in—especially those of us on the inside of the industry who have a disproportional leverage.

Your membership helps tremendously with this: This is strong external validation, a real motivator, and also a mandate to keep going down this path, together.

If this sounds like something you want to support, join today: