one point five


hmmm, just stumbled upon liveplasma, formerly known as musicplasma. i think it is a music and movie mapping tool: you enter a band name, and liveplasma shows how this band is related to other bands, probably by influences or similar style.

i’m saying i think that this it what liveplasma does, because i’m actually really not sure at all. the FAQ is, uhm, interesting. however, it looks like it has potential.

IF it allows users to tag the bands, that is.

liveplasma: let us decide, which band we relate to which band, and what we like best. your amazon-powered computer can’t do that.

i’m really pretty sure that die fantastischen vier are not linked to morcheeba via herbert grönemeyer.

put some sugar in that tea (micro loans)


this is a great idea: kiva raises micro-loans – down to as little as $25 – for starting businesses in developing countries. (the money seems to go straight into the loan, not into funding the organization overhead.)

When interviewing entrepreneurs about their standard of living, one simple question she would ask was, “Can you afford to take sugar with your tea?”
the worst case is that the business can’t make it – the you donated a tiny amount of money and helped some families get by for another few months. either way, it’s a win-win. but as i said, that’s the worst case. usually you should get your money back after a year or so, plus a little interest.

the cool thing, though, is that you can actually see quite detailed where your money goes, and how it helps an east african entrepreneur set up his shop and maybe lift his family out of absolute poverty.

read the about, it’s worth it.

[via die romantische komödie]



old&neat: get out those 5S again.

SEIRI: create tidyness. Throw away all unused stuff, file away the rest.
SEITON: keep evertything at the right place. Keep the tools you need accessible, hide materials you don’t need regularly.
SEISO: keep your (work-)space clean, remove all traces from the previous task before starting the next.
SEIKETSU: develop a personal sense for organizing your things. Develop routines, optimize your system according to your needs.
SHITSUKE: stay disciplined doing the above, make it a habit and permanent practice.