New series now live: Corona Crisis — Lessons for the Future of Cities

I’m excited to introduce a new interview series: Corona Crisis — Lessons for the Future of Cities. Over the last few months I had the opportunity to talk to city officials around the globe about their local strategies to deal with the coronavirus crisis. This is in collaboration with Körber Stiftung, specifically with their democracy program.

To quote my original announcement:

“And while overall we’re pretty broad with our interest in this, there are two focus areas that we’ll be emphasizing: The use of digital tools (and the trade-offs that inform the decisions around them) as well as how engagement with civil society works.
While every city and administration has to find their own way, I’m convinced there are lessons to be learned from others. Over time, a picture should emerge: Patterns of approaches that seem more promising than others, best practices, and maybe some surprising insights.”

The first of these interviews is now live, with more coming over the next couple of week.

For Episode 1, I spoke with Aik van Eemeren, the Public Tech lead at the City of Amsterdam’s CTO office:

For Episode 2, I spoke with John Paul Farmer, CTO of New York City:

In episode 3, I had the opportunity to speak with Katharina Fegebank, Zweite Bürgermeisterin der Stadt Hamburg. This is the only episode so far that’s completely in German:

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