Monthnotes for May 2017

May was AI month at Casa The Waving Cat. Also, #iotlabels. Also, #thingscon.

AI month
This month I had the opportunity to look into AI and machine learning a bit more. Just so you don’t say I didn’t warn you: It’s a bit of a rabbit hole!

  • Impact and questions: An AI reading list: I started a (budding) reading list about the impact of, and questions surrounding, AI and machine learning.
  • Some thoughts on Google I/O and AI futures: Google has been reshaping themselves as an AI first (as opposed to mobile first) organization. With the recent series of announcements at their developer conference Google I/O they positioned themselves as one of the best companies to own the next 10 years in terms of AI and product. (Disclosure: I occasionally work with Google.)
  • AI: Process v Output: Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are beginning to govern ever-greater parts of our lives. If we want to trust their analyses and recommendations, it’s crucial that we understand how they reach their conclusions, how they work, which biases are at play. Alas, that’s pretty tricky. This article explores why.
  • First steps with AI & image recognition using TensorFlow: I tried my hand in some basic machine learning by training a Tensorflow deep learning network on some images myself. Fun!

IoT labels
My research into IoT labels to increase (and justify!) user trust in connected products continues. As part of this research I’ll also be headed to the Open IoT Definition (5 years later) hosted in London by Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino. I was at the first meeting 5 years ago (then called the Open IoT Assembly, if I remember correctly) and it was a fantastic group thinking through the implications of IoT and openness. This year is focused explicitly on certification and trustmarks, so it couldn’t be better timed.

While we’re finalizing the content of our upcoming ThingsCon report on the state of responsible IoT, we also just hosted a ThingsCon Salon in Berlin with two excellent speakers:

Ricardo Brito explored how designers and developers can work together better:

Henrik Chulu explored how digital products (IoT) can be made to work for everyone:


Zephyr Berlin
Holiday season is coming up. We still have a (small & shrinking) stack of ultimate travel pants. Get yours now!

What’s on the horizon?
Lots and lots of writing, and hitting “publish” on the writing mentioned above. I’ll be on panels at the Transatlantic Digital Debates & DevOpsCon to talk about IoT security and Shenzhen respectively. And we have a whole slew of ThingsCon events coming up—4 salons in July alone!— including another Salon in Berlin.