Monthnotes for August 2016

August felt like it came and went, and only while writing up these notes did I realize just how busy and productive this month was. So let’s take a long breath and then head on right into a fall that’s shaping up to be quite exciting & exhilarating.

ThingsCon has officially reached its third continent: South America! Also, a total of 20 or so events this year. So amazing to see it grow this way. You can find an up-to-date list at

ThingsCon was just massively represented at Darefest in Belgium thanks to Dries, Iskander and co. The next event is in Berlin September 10th in collaboration with Futurice. I believe it’s sold out at this point, but keep an eye on Twitter in case more spaces open up.

Also, we’re looking to extend our team. Come help us out and make ThingsCon even better! Also, we launched a list of IoT resources. Also, come hang out on our backchannel on Slack! (Email us at with your Slack email address.)

The Good Home
The Good Home is going to be present during London Design Festival (LDF), first at the Digital Catapult Centre, then at the V&A Digital Design Weekend as part of Mozilla’s Open IoT showcase.

Among others, Michelle and I will also be hosting a discussion based on our ebook Understanding the Connected Home. There’s tons more—both exhibits and activities—including DataBrick, Modular Architecture, Privacy Machines, Emotional Radio, and lots more. Check out the Good Home at LDF program here (we’ll keep expanding and updating).

Ignite Berlin
Ignite @ ViewSource happens on September 12th. The talks will be excellent and a lot of fun, check out the speakers! Make sure to register here. Also, we’re doing this together with Mozilla ViewSource, so if you’re a developer and into keeping the web open, check that out, too.

For Dearsouvenir, it’s the quiet before the storm as we’re getting ready for issue #3. Until then, check out the first two issues in English or German online, for free, both for tablet (iOS and Android) as well as on our recently relaunched website.

I’m starting a column on for Netzpiloten (in German). Very much looking forward to working with Netzpiloten again. After all I used to be editor in chief of the magazine for a couple of years and it’s a project I’m tremendously fond of. More soon.

Also, after some much-needed prodding I restarted my good old simple, quite open-ended, very low frequency newsletter, this time through Revue, a tool that helps provide some structure by making it easy to include external sources. I won’t promise it keeps going more regularly, but if you want to give it a try you can sign up here.

What’s on the horizon?
In loosely chronological order: ThingsCamp. Good Home exhibition and workshops during London Design Festival at Digital Catapult and the V&A. Jury duty. Dearsouvenir issue #3. Mozfest. Shanghai & Shenzhen road trip for ThingsCon.

Talks and workshops at the German-Japanese Leadership Forum, ThingsCon Salons Shanghai and Shenzhen, ThingsCon AMS, London Design Festival.

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