An easy guide to applying the #IOTmanifesto

The is a great set of guidelines for designing connected products and services. (Read more about it on

Trying to make it more actionable (rather than just aspirational), the IOTmanifesto team created this cheatsheet that gives a bit of support in how to best apply the manifesto in everyday life, like say in a client meeting.

IoT Manifesto at Mozfest 2015

You’ll notice the color coding of the different phases of product design that the 10 guidelines of the manifesto. To make it a little easier to skim and read, here’s the list broken down into these phases (concept/design/implementation) and rearranged.

Concept phase

  • We don’t believe the hype
  • We design useful things
  • We aim for the win-win-win
  • In the end, we are human beings

Design phase

  • We make the parties associated with an iot product explicit
  • We empower users to be the masters of their onw domain
  • We design things for their lifetime

Implementation phase

  • We keep everyone and every thing secure
  • We build and promote a culture of privacy
  • We are deliberate about what data we collect

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