Monthnotes for May 2015

For quite a while I haven’t managed to write regular #weeknotes. However, I do like writing regular updates and they tend to turn out to be quite useful as a reference. So I’ll try monthly notes instead, and play with the format.

In self-directed work…

  • ThingsCon 15 is a wrap. Phew! Intense! Exhilarating! Excellent, too. Time for a break. (Wanna do that again sometime?) We’re now discussing internally where we see the ThingsCon platform headed in the future…

  • Feeling happy & lucky that I got to play a small part in providing a platform for the IOT Design Manifesto (#iotmanifesto).

  • Been wondering if, and how, we can apply the design principles of Open World Games to the conference experience. Still struggling with this one, as there’s a million things to take into consideration and I’m not even sure yet where to start. Mentally adding more meat every day, but it’s still early days.

  • Dearsouvenir, a digital mag I’m co-founding around travel and souvenirs, is slowly but surely coming together after some delays.

  • We’re fine-tuning the format and workflows for The Imaginary Unit, our monthly executive briefing around emerging tech and IoT.

  • Interaction16 is shaping up. First keynotes are being confirmed, advisory board being set up, call for proposals (and for volunteers) should be online anytime now

In client work…

  • Some spring cleaning on smart city policy research & input for the German government brings that project to a nice & clean finish.

  • Several ongoing projects with Alex DS around IoT in smart homes, agriculture, smart cities are ramping up nicely. Always to be great to get to work with friends.

  • Several not-yet-public/still-under-wraps projects around connected driving, IoT and the developer ecosystem for larger corporate clients are slowly taking shape.

In miscellaneous…

  • Very happy and humbled that I was kindly invited to join the program committee for O’Reilly Solid Europe

  • Been spending some time in Portland (see this bog post). Been great, even though I’m still only slowly getting into the local tech scene as the city has a lot to offer on other accounts, too. Including great surroundings, like Crater Lake a few hours south, that turn out to be a really nice distraction:

That was my May. Talk soon!