Monthnotes for June (part 2)

June was a bit of a very packed month, so I split up the into two parts. (Read part 1 here.)

I’m sitting at SFO, using a little downtime at the airport before heading back to Berlin after about six weeks on the road. And what a time I had on this trip. So much input, so many great people.

Enjoy part 2 of June’s monthnotes…

We wrapped up in Portland after a delightful month. M went off in one direction, I off to another. My trip led me south, by car, for a long weekend mini-vacation drive along the scenic coastal road along the 101 / 1. Some 1.500km or so of the most gorgeous coastline.

Along the way, I hiked in redwood forest…

…attended a recording of This Week In Tech…

…and saw this sign, which I find hilarious:

Back in SF, I got to catch up with a bunch of friends before joining SolidCon.

Visited Facebook HQ for a little tour, thanks to Jasmine Probst. It’s great to see smart folks like Jasmine working on some questions there that truly matter, like how to design for compassion. It’s a super interesting angle on which to look at designing communication and social interactions online

While in SF, Matt & Tom kindly gave me a little demo of the new service they’re building, Thington. On their website they describe it as “a new way to interact with a world of connected things”, which it is, but I won’t give up any details. Let me just say I found it very convincing, remarkable even, and I can’t wait to see it get to market.


Had a blast at SolidCon and catching up with all the folks.

I took some (really rough, quick & dirty) notes throughout the conference (day 1, day 2).

Happy that SolidCon comes to Amsterdam in the fall, and will be back in San Francisco April 20-22 next year.


Also, I was invited to join the Open Data Incubator Europe (ODINE) evaluation committee as an independent expert. More on that soon.

That’s it for June. Have a great weekend.

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