Imperica interviews Warren Ellis

In ThingsCon related news, over at Imperica, Matt Muir has interviewed our friend and keynote speaker Warren Ellis (see all speakers) as he’s getting ready for his trip to ThingsCon. They chatted about #iot, connected products, and all the fun ways they can fail:

What happens when the people who run your front door for you suddenly shut down overnight? What happens when the houselights get bought out by Amazon? And you have to install a new app to heat your home because Apple owns that business now? What happened to your life that you outsourced the operation of your front door to a bunch of kids in the Mission District who pay $15 for artisanal toast in the morning?

This also gives you an idea of why we asked Warren to join us at ThingsCon: As a sci-fi author, he knows better than most what good/bad/interesting potential is hidden in new technology.

Personally, I can’t wait for his talk; every single one I’ve seen or read was thought provoking and (that’s a rarity in itself) free of buzzwords; critical but not tech-negating; well informed and full of healthy rage.

The whole interview is available over on Imperica, and I highly recommend it.

Also, if you’re into these kind of topics, why not jump on over to the ThingsCon website and join us for the event?