A smart city and responsive governance report for the German government

I’m super excited to be commissioned to co-auther a chapter for a report for WBGU, the German government’s Advisory Council on Global Change, with Dr. Christoph Bieber.

We’ll be taking a close look at “smart cities” and their implications for governance and citizen empowerment. Christoph is professor for ethics in political management and governance at University of Duisburg-Essen’s School of Governance and a dear old friend, so we’ll focus on empowerment, responsive governance and sustainability.

This also seemed like a good opportunity to start a little repository of literature and research in the field for – at least – the time of the project. It’s a backend for our work more than anything, but we figured it might be useful for some folks out there. It’s called DataCities.

I’m super excited about this for several reasons. For me this comes full circle after I co-founded Cognitive Cities Conference 4-5 years ago, and is a great opportunity to get back up to speed on the current state of research and debate, and take a critical look at how we can leverage urban connectivity and technology not to sell IT infrastructure but to empower citizens.

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