Is there going to be a UIKonf 2015?

portfolio_uikonfBig news regarding UIKonf: We’re looking for a team or company to take it over from us. Crossposting this from the UIKonf blog:

It’s hard to believe that UIKonf happened just a few months ago. Thinking back to it, we’re still thrilled.
However, the summer break is over now and it’s time to look ahead. When we started talking about plans for next year one thing became increasingly obvious: Each of us will have plenty on their plates. So much so, that we don’t think we will find the time to run another full-blown UIKonf in 2015. In order to make it live up to our standards, we all would need to invest more time than we have during the next nine or ten months.
UIKonf started as a side project that brought the three of us together: We wanted to see an iOS conference for Europe – a place for the whole community to gather – and at the time there wasn’t really one. Now there are a few great options out there. While we did manage to put UIKonf on a stable financial basis, needless to say we didn’t run this as a business in a sense that would allow anyone of us to replace our “real” jobs.
To name just a few things that have been keeping us – and will continue to keep us – busy: Matt has become the Director of Engineering of Berlin-based startup, a more-than-full time role. Chris has launched Deckset and is writing a book. Peter runs ThingsCon, curates NEXT Berlin, publishes a magazine. Two out of three also take on client work on the side.

So. For us, that means we will not be able to run UIKonf in 2015. That leaves us with two options:

1. Not have another UIKonf.
2. Hand over UIKonf.

We’re mentally prepared to sunset UIKonf. But it would be nicer if the fantastic community could keep going. Which brings us to Option 2: Handing over UIKonf to another team. If you are, or know of, an organization that might want to continue to run and grow UIKonf, we’d like to hear from you. Please send us an email and introduce yourself. For a short time, all options are on the table – let us know what your ideas are!

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