Next stop, San Francisco

For more or less two weeks straight I’ve been in conference marathon mode. In fact I’m typing this as I’m sitting at the UIKonf registration desk, blissfully catching up on email and admin.

This is what’s going on around me:



There’s another day of UIKonf hackday tomorrow, then on Monday I’ll be off to San Francisco to speak at O’Reilly Solid. This should be really good, I’m looking forward to continuing all the conversations started at ThingsCon there.

Then in June, I’ll be lining up some client work and quite likely another trip to San Francisco.

This has been a very good year indeed, with so many good conversations and connections. My mind is still reeling from all the input at and around ThingsCon, NEXT Berlin and UIKonf, and I expect this to continue at O’Reilly Solid and FooCamp.

At the same time, I’m trying to cut out some time to get another project ready to a soft launch throughout this summer.

These are very exciting days indeed.

If you’re at Solid or want to meet up in San Francisco next week, ping me!

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