My new company [name changed] is live

Update: As I had to change the company name, I’m removing all references to the now-unused name. The new company is called The Waving Cat GmbH.


As of yesterday afternoon, my new company [old name removed] The Waving Cat GmbH (i.Gr.) is live!


All the paperwork is signed and now being processed through the bowels of German bureaucracy (which for the record really isn’t very complicated). It’s got a website [old name removed], and a hipster .io domain to beat! A (still dormant) Twitter too (@[old name removed]).


So what is it about? Primarily, it allows me to gather all my activities under one organizational roof. Concretely, and per the officially stated purpose, that translates into:

  1. Advisory & strategy consultancy
    How can your organization excel in an environment shaped by digitization, connectedness and rapid change?
  2. Emerging technology conferences
    Conferences are a great way to explore the impacts of emerging technologies.
  3. Products, services and publications
    Working with external partners, [old name removed] translates insights into products or publications.


So, one purpose is to make my administrational life a lot easier. The other is that it serves as a canvas that allows me a lot of freedom for future developments.

As of today, I’m migrating pretty much all my work into [old name removed], and once that’s done I’ll switch off my setup as a freelancer. That way it’s all neat and clean and the transition is smooth.

In the meantime, the new site serves as a portfolio of some of the things I’ve worked on to date, both within and outside the context of the new company (including some of my freelance work before, etc.), so it’s easy to understand what kind of thing I tend to work on, and how.


And so I’m happy to say: Hello, world.

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