KANT Report: Health

Doing reporty thingies.


Over at KANT we sat down for a topic sprint, a one-day effort to collaboratively dive deep into a topic and produce a somewhat substantial report. Our topic for this first round: Health & technology.

Cross-posting the KANT announcement:

At KANT, we regularly explore new topics. One that some of us had been touching on a few times before is the larger (and admittedly vague) area of health and fitness/lifestyle technology.


So we decided to sit down for a one-day content sprint and write a report. It’s a format we experimented with based on the book sprint methodology, but compressed into just one day. Five people, hacking away at the topic from early morning to late in the evening. It’s both highly collaborative and intense. And while it would be great to spend more time digging deeper, we’re quite happy with the result.


So without further ado, here it is. Our first KANT report. You can download the KANT Report HEALTH in full as PDF and epub.




And if you want to work with us to dig deeper, get in touch. You know how to find us.

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