Recent reading (7 links for July 5)

Koya London

Irregularly, I post noteworthy articles I recently read. Enjoy!


The European Commission launches new startup accelerator network
A new initiative from the EU aiming to boost entrepreneurship has been launched: Startup Europe’s Accelerator Assembly. – by Michelle Kuepper (link)  


The Store Is Media And Media Is The Store
Retail & media, and how their relationship to one another change. More urgently, why are sales not the best metric for the success of a retail space anymore? – by Doug Stephens (link)  


Metadata – a wartime drama
Great little piece by Cory Doctorow on Metadata. – by Cory Doctorow (link)  


Germans Loved Obama. Now We Don’t Trust Him.
Great article on how the recent US & UK surveillance news are perceived in Germany. – by Malte Spitz (link)  


Clef launches offering a viable replacement to passwords
Not sure if this is the way forward, but it looks like a solid, new approach to more security by abandoning traditional passwords. – by cale guthrie weissman (link)  


An Introduction to Infrastructure Fiction
Top notch piece published by Superflux. (link)  


Six Questions from Kicker: Jack Schulze
Solid interview to re-visit. (link)