Recent reading (5 links for July 18)


Irregularly, I post noteworthy articles I recently read. Today, straight from lovely Rijeka, Croatia, where I’m attending Share Conference / Republika. Enjoy!


Do Things that Don’t Scale
Paul Graham shares some insight and experiences about the early stages of building something big. Super useful, insightful, worth reading. (link)  


Delaware Benefit Corporation Statute Signed Into Law
The B-Corp is becoming legal, for real. It’s a great construct for the next generation of businesses, one that combines commercial mechanics with meaning. In Germany, something vaguely similar exists (gGmbH), but it’s not really comparable as the German take on this is more charitable than oriented towards all stakeholders. (link)  


Wer nicht fragt, bleibt dumm
Great (.de) commentary by Till Schwarze about the German government’s seemingly purposeful ignorance, aka plausible deniability. Unacceptable, of course. (link)  


Airport as a Homeland: Snowden
Interesting read on living in transit zones, and how transit zones work. (link)  


Usman Haque: ‘Messiness will inevitably arise’ in spite of smart cities’
Usman Haque on the messiness inherent in so-called Smart Cities. (link)  

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