UIKonf is born

A quick shout out – we’ve just announced UIKonf, Berlin’s first English-language iOS developer conference.

The basics first:

  • Where? Berlin, Germany (location TDB)
  • When? Beginning of May 2013 (probably May 3rd).
  • Who? iOS developers from across Europe.

As you know I’m not an iOS developer – in fact I carry my Android devices proudly and don’t even own an iPad – but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy getting together a great crowd of motivated people building cool stuff. Besides, my two co-organizers Chris Eidhof (@chriseidhof) and Matt Patterson (@fidothe) more than make up for me in terms of iOS cred.

We’re still at an early planning stage, but all the early-stage feedback we’ve been receiving shows clearly that it’s going to be a full house, and that it’s going to rock.

So here’s to UIKonf!

We’ll keep you updated over on the UIKonf website (that will be updated to include much more info as soon as we can confirm everything).

Until then, some links for your perusal:

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