Recent reading (6 links for Feb 14)



Irregularly, I post noteworthy articles I recently read. Enjoy!


Ten Radically Futuristic Ideas in Obama’s State of the Union Address
There were some big, ambitious tech-related ideas in the SOTU. An overview. – by Brian Merchant, Alex Pasternack (link)


Obama’s speech highlights rise of 3-D printing
“The burgeoning field of 3-D printing got a big boost Tuesday night when President Obama highlighted it as something that could fuel new high-tech jobs in the United States.” Yes, that’s one high level endorsement. – by Doug Gross (link)


How is digital text still unsolved?
Martin discusses an excellent point: Why is it still so hard to quote, share and more generally work with text online, particularly across services? – by Martin Spindler (link)


Make or Break Years and the Urban Entrepreneurship Hypothesis
Is 2013 a Make or Break Year for the Berlin startup ecosystem? That’s not even the right question to ask, thinks this author – and I wholeheartedly agree. – by berlinvc (link)


How Netflix is turning viewers into puppets
Netflix has become quite good at analyzing how we watch their video content. “House of Cards,” the political drama that just premiered on Netflix, was produced based on user preferences. Will this create a weird feedback loop, a chicken-and-egg problem for video recommendations? – by Andrew Leonard (link)


Caroline Drucker: ‘The secret to getting more women into tech’
Caroline has been pushing this idea for awhile, and it’s certainly not getting any less relevant: Start by stopping to call women in tech “girls”. – by Caroline Drucker (link)