Announcing THE NODE – the easiest way to keep track of what we’re up to

The Node There’s lots going on in the Berlin web scene. Over the years, I’ve tried to contribute my share through both work and community events.

To name just a few, I was involved in Cognitive Cities Conference, Ignite Berlin, TEDxKreuzberg and atoms&bits, and am just getting ready for UIKonf. Topics, locations and formats change, but there’s always a great community both on and off stage.

As many people out there don’t like regularly checking blogs or every tweet, I created this email newsletter. It’s the most simple and low-frequency way to keep track of what my friends and I are putting together – ranging from conferences to companies or art projects. As a recipient, you’ll be among the first to know when we’re planning a new event or starting something new. Whenever possible, you’ll also get the chance to sign up first.

Please note that this is a personal newsletter, so it is by nature somewhat unstructured. I’ll post in low frequency, only when there are any news to share. From today’s point of view, I’m expecting maybe one issue every two months or so; maybe around major events a little more often.

Also, my privacy policy is simple – of course your addresses won’t ever be given away, sold, leased out or anything like that. It’s a list for friendly pointers, notifications & reminders. And naturally it’s free and super easy to unsubscribe at any given time.

To receive these occasional updates, please sign up here.

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