Hochbahn Ecke Skalitzer-, Wiener- und Oranienstrasse Berlin, ca 1900

This gorgeous historic image shows the intersection of Skalitzer, Wiener and Oranienstrasse in Berlin, ca 1900. It’s just around the corner from where I live, so it’s cool to get to compare how the area has changed. Not that much, actually, taking into account the basic street layout. Horse-drawn trams aren’t around anymore, but the above-the-ground subway (given the image its title “Hochbahn”) is still there, the intersection layout is the same, many people jaywalk at any given time, then as today. I think even the advertising column is still at the same spot, although I’d have to check.

I’ve always hope there would be an augmented reality app, or a Layar layer, that aggregates historic images like this one, and based on geo tag let’s you see streets and houses as they looked ten, fifty or a hundred years ago. (If this exists already, drop me a line, will you?)

(Thanks for the pointer, Martin!)

Source: Wikimedia Commons. The image is in the Public Domain.


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