10 photos.

Ferris Wheel

Chinesisches Haus, Park Sanssouci

The things you do for family.


Hotel de Rome, Bebelplatz

Taking this for a spin. #fuelband

Ryoji Ikeda

Posters have arrived!


Yellow & pink

Spent the week in Berlin, with lots to do and some family visiting over the weekend. Here’s a few things that crossed my path. 1. Ferris wheel at Potsdam 2. Chinese House at Sanssouci 3. The things we do for family. Sigh. 4. Cigarette art? I never found out. 5. View on Bebelplatz from Hotel de Rome. 6. Testing the Fuel Band (not entirely convinced yet) 7. Ryoji Ikeda’s data.anatomy at Kraftwerk, Berlin 8. Posters for this have arrived. 9. Street art in Kreuzberg 10. Octopus & bell