10 photos.


Sun, meet Berlin. Berlin, meet the sun.



Hello Little Fella!

Location check

Lovely Tripbirds invite

barrier free displays



Phew, what a week. Intense & excellent stuff. More soon.

1. Streetart in Kreuzberg. 2. The sun is out in Berlin. The view after a very, very good meeting. 3. -happy- 4. Stripes. 5. Hello litte fella! 6. Location check. 7. The good folks over at Tripbirds sent me a lovely personal invitation. 8. Yours truly, testing some tools for barrier-free computer access at a test parcours. Also, visual impairment glasses. 9. Lovely breakfast at Gipfeltreffen, Berlin 10. Fog at a bridge in Bonn, Germany. Quite gorgeous.