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Gun Rack

street art

Has Been Coffee Has Been Had

Chocolate Orange Cake


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Room with a view

Some of the things that crossed my path this week. 1. Visiting my goddaughter Indira. 2. A neighborhood store brought out some of their goods, or it was some kind of mini flea market. 3. Office gun rack. The way Lightbox on Android keeps messing with photo uploads is quite hilarious. I sense a collection of these things coming up. Did anyone just say The New Aesthetic? 4. Streetart, Kreuzberg. 5. Johannes brought some Has Bean beans back from London. So good with the Aeropress. 6. Excellent chocolate orange cake at Kuchenrausch. 7. On Oranienstrasse, in the heart of Kreuzberg 36, many store fronts have really nice graffitis. It’s worth strolling down the street in the mornings while everything’s still closed, ie. before 9am. 8. In the small German city of Münster, the train station seems to be stuck in a time capsule. It’s the 50s there, as these (original?) ads clearly show. 9. Giddy while waiting for a massive upload to finish. It was the slideshow for the Third Wave forecast report. 10. Berlin is a pretty flat city. So if you get a chance to see something from higher up, go for it. This is the view from the 11th floor on to Potsdamer Platz.