Going to Japan. Got any hints?

I love how Christina Cacioppo asked for collaborative travel tipps. Her friends and the interwebs collected their shared wisdom and insider knowledge in a shared doc, for everyone to learn from. I’d love if you also had some hints to share with me.

Sakura Bridge (Explored)  6,000 visits to this photo. Thank you.

M. and I are planning a trip to Japan in spring. The details are vague as of yet, here’s what we got so far:

  • We’ll be on the ground for about 2.5 weeks.
  • It’s going to be a low budget trip for Japan standards.
  • We’ll fly into Tokyo, and head from there straight to Kyoto via Shinkansen to spend a couple of days there.
  • We might head on to the island of Shikoku, if time permits and if it’s worth the extra time.
  • We’re going to head back from Kyoto to Tokyo on a slow Northern loop by rail with plenty of stops along the way to check out small towns, plenty of temples and the mountains.
  • We’ll spend a few (2-4) days in Tokyo before flying back.

That’s the vague framework we’re thinking with right now. The details are, at this point, intentionally left blank.

Overall, we’re planning to go pretty simple – think Ryokan guest houses and exploring. Restaurants, guest houses, bars, sights, activities and all kinds of local knowledge are more than welcome. If you have a reading recommendation, feel free to throw that in, too! We might swing by occasional geek meetup or two, if we happen to learn about one.

I hope to be able to make much better informed decisions with your input.

Here’s the shared Google Doc to collect all your input. It’ll stay up and publicly available of course, so others can find inspiration there, too. I’ll try to share my impression of the places we went to, too, once I’m back.

Thank you, you’re awesome!

Image by Glenn Waters (some rights reserved)

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