Why I hate British Airways, and love Lufthansa

Let me start at the end: I hate British Airways.

Awhile ago, I missed a flight at Heathrow. I had personally never missed a flight before, but it’s not a rare story and it was entirely my own fault. (A cup of [Square Mile][http://squaremilecoffee.com] was involved, and that might be well worth it.) When I learned that I was too late by two minutes to security I was bummed, but hey, my fault. I asked the British Airways women if there were other flights available that evening, and she said no. There were no other flights going to Berlin that night at all.

Both I and my travel companion Igor were beat – we had to get back to Berlin and Frankfurt respectively. Desperately, we tried the Lufthansa desk – and learned that another flight was due in just about an hour. No problem, Sir. We happily paid the new ticket and were on our ways.

Today, again I had a ticket booked from Heathrow to Tegel. I was at the airport in due time, and just by a stupid mistake (again, my fault) tried to drop my bag at the British Airways counter. (I had mixed up flight codes and thought it was a code share.) Again, a British Airways woman told me that there was no way I’d still catch my flight, and would I not want to try and get on one of their flights?

She tried to upsell me on British Airways, and told me I couldn’t make it to the other terminal on time.

Again, I tried anyway, just to be greeted friendly at the Lufthansa counter. There is plenty of time, sir, not to worry.

And that’s that. Bye, British Airways. I always preferred Lufthansa, but this seals the deal for me. No more BA. Simple.