How to best reach me

I like the idea of a communications protocol, like is a valuable email signature, a 21st century digital phonebook, and a broadcast of your preferred mode of contact. An experimental side-project by Greg Elliott and Hugo Van Vuuren to explore the evolution of communication protocols. Protocol helps you, and those you communicate with, understand and share personal preferences – permission protocol – to communicate effectively.

Concretely, the service allows you to clearly state your preference of being contacted. (Tantek has been stating his protocol for a long time.) It helps, avoids annoyances on both sides – like you not picking up the phone because you don’t want interrupted – and is quite elegant. You could easily state all the stuff simply in your email signature (which also suggests), but here you have a URL to point to and a simple interface to basically drag, drop, and order your communication channels by order of preference.

So here’s my protocol:

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