Berlin’s new research institutes

Earlier this year, two new research institutes were announced to open in Berlin. Google gathered a number of high profile (mostly) academic partners to do some serious research into internet regulation, policy, legal aspects and the like. Around the same time, Universität der Künste and TU Berlin initiated Hybridplattform, an interdisciplinary research and collaboration platform, focusing a bit more on innovation, arts and physical applicability. (Note: My summary, please forgive me any misrepresentation.)

Last week, Hybridplattform launched their new website, and tomorrow the Google-initiated Institute for Internet and Society will celebrate the launch with a formal ceremony and reception (which I’m very curious to see).

It’s great to see them both (so to speak) come online. I’m really looking forward to see what we can do together, and how these projects will enrich Berlin’s academic landscape. To my friends who’ve been working on making this happen: Congratulations, enjoy the big day!

Disclosures: I’ve worked for and with Google before, participate occasionally (but not often enough) in the Google Collaboratory for Internet & Society, and my company is working on an event with Hybridplattform.

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