Interview: Coworking for corporations

I was psyched to be interviewed by Graham Snowdon for the Work section of The Guardian (along with Deskmag’s Joel Dullroy) about the opportunities for corporations adopting coworking:

Some observers believe that if new co-working spaces continue to thrive, larger companies could profit from sending employees to work in them. Peter Bihr, co-founder of digital strategy consultancy Third Wave, says it could bring together vastly different work cultures, as well as allowing employees and freelancers to learn from each other. “It could help develop and refine ideas and foster innovation in-house,” he says. “As a side effect, companies get access to great talent they might not otherwise be able to reach.” Bihr admits that as yet, relatively few larger companies have started working in this way: “Nasa is one example, having dabbled in a collaboration space in San Francisco a few years back. But we have been seeing many startups evolving out of co-working environments, and I expect and hope we will see a significant number of companies experimenting with co-working.”

Read the whole article here: A co-workers’ revolution?

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