Dispatch from the road [NYC]

Dumbo, park, sun.

Hardly a month ago I sent a dispatch from this same city. This fact alone is kind of odd, but exhilarating.

More mind boggling for me, personally, is the fact that this time it’s all about work. My company Third Wave has the first US client, a startup in stealth mode, where we’ve been diving deeply into early stage product development. This is super interesting in and of itself, and also on a meta level, as all three of us are really into working in an international context. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with Berlin (I’m still deeply in love with the city), but there’s so much cool stuff happening around the globe that can inspire and inform us on many levels that we all are actively looking for good, work-related excuses to spend time in other cities. And New York has always been high up on my wish list.

So here we are, hacking away after a couple days packed with brainstormings, mockups, discussions, click paths, and general brainpicking. I love it.

Also, we happened to get into town just in time to catch Fridays at 7, the weekly Urbanscale meetup at Temple Bar. If you are interested in urban computing and the politics of technology, or would just like to meet a whole bunch of smart folks in a relaxed atmosphere, I strongly suggest you get in touch with Adam and check it out.

All that said, there’s more stuff on the horizon that we’re plotting. More on that once we’re back and had some time to process. See you after Friday in Berlin, or if you’d like to meet up before in NYC, ping me. I’m in town till Thursday morning.

Image: Dumbo, park, sun. / the waving cat / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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