Thank you for a great TEDxKreuzberg


Last night TEDxKreuzberg was on, and I think it’s fair to say that it was quite a success. Sadly, my co-host Christoph was stuck in Zurich after his flight got cancelled. (Hans kindly stepped in as a moderator.)

Our four speakers, Darryl Feldman, Dmitry Paranyushkin, Ricard Gras and Michelle Thorne delivered fantastic presentations. And judging by the conversations and mingling going on during the break and after the event, the audience enjoyed themselves, too.

We’ll be putting up some photos and (hopefully) videos of the talks soon, too. Until then, feel free to talk to the speakers about their ideas – they’re all happy to share and discuss!

Thanks to the lovely Betahaus crew, who handled the on-the-grounds work despite some major last-minute changes, to my co-organizers Christoph Fahle, Igor Schwarzmann, Johannes and Hans Raffauf.

Photos by Igor Schwarzmann (CC by sa)