Drumbeat: The Future of Education (and Video)

Drumbeat “Future of Education” Demo from David Humphrey on Vimeo.

The Drumbeat Festival in Barcelona is over, but my head is still buzzing. It was fantastic to see what happens when you drop a whole bunch of enthusiastic educators and geeks in one location and let them go crazy.

While I’m still processing all the things I saw and heard (Graffiti Research! Hackbus! Massively Multiplayer Thumbwrestling! Robots! Hastac! Peer-to-peer learning! Badges!), Gabriel Shalom and Brett Gaylor interviewed me, along with some others, for WebMadeMovies. I was asked about the future of education. (Funny thing – I was supposed to answer in German, but my brain kind of refused to. I felt –and sound– like I was reading out a Google Translation of myself. Aaanyway.)

What you see above is of course just a video of the demo. It’s much, much cooler out in the wild, when the Open aspect kicks in and the video can interact with the HTML outside. (Like here.)

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I appreciate this clear approach about how the transmitting of knowledge and skills at every level will and has to work in Web 2.0 times. It´s a great opportunity for all who want to improve access to dynamic education whereever they live,but from my personal experience, the ´translators and communicators´of knowledge as well as the institutions aren´t ready for change because it requires a revolution inside their heads and behaviors.

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