Hamburg: Becks Camp, Barcamp

I’m back from my vacation and (after a brief health-related break) ready to rock again. So next week I’ll be headed up to Hamburg for two camps that I’m really looking forward to: The Becks Gold Urban Experience Camp (I’m assuming this is the official blog), in the following called only Becks Camp, and Barcamp Hamburg.

Both events will be completely different, no doubt, but also I’m expecting both to be a lot of fun. At the Becks Camp I’m actually invited as one of 10 creatives (whatever that is) to put together some kind of installation to reflect on the theme of the event customize reality. (Full disclosure: As invited artist I’m getting paid for my participation.) My take is to think about workspaces, and how to create workspaces for laptop workers (think coworking) by working with a given environment and tags to recontextualize as necessary. How exactly this is going to work I’m not sure yet, but the resident artist-in-charge Luis Berríos-Negrón has promised his support and my feeling is that my very rough ideas are in excellent hands there. So we’ll see. I’m curious how it’s going to work out, and I think it’s the first time I’ve ever been invited as an artist anywhere, so it should be fun. That’s Thursday, 12 November.

Barcamp Hamburg will be on 13-14 November (FRI/SAT). Last time I was at Barcamp HH I met a lot of very interesting and cool people, and I have all reason to believe this time will be no different. And since links are the currency in which barcamps can pay back their sponsors, here’s a hat tip to the sponsors: Otto, Google, eVenture, Lecturnity, T-Mobile, BCD Travel, kaffeebazar, Pure Tea, Microsoft,, saftblog, T3N.

So let the games begin. I hope to see you at Hamburg!

Update: Becks has put up some photos of the Hamburg event as well as this video:

Beck’s Gold Urban Experiences Workspace Hamburg from Beck's Gold Urban Experiences on Vimeo.

Also, and this really put me in a great mood, Grandmaster Flash (yes, the real one) was at the event as a DJ and Ludwig captured some of his set in a video (thanks!):

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