atoms&bits Festival: Thanks everyone!

So last weekend was the highlight of atoms&bits Festival that we had put together in hardly 10 weeks. While we’re recovering from the weekend and also putting together the documentation (i.e. all the blogposts, photos, videos etc), I’d like to briefly say THANK YOU to everybody involved.

THANKS to the participants, who were super active and fun to have a camp with. THANKS to all the volunteers and helpers, who did a great job and who we can’t thank enough for going out of their way to support the event. THANKS to the sponsors and donors, without whom we couldn’t have realized atoms&bits. And my personal THANKS to the rest of the orga team, you guys rock.

We had planned with slightly more participants, but we all had a great time, and feedback has been excellent. (Now it’s time to catch up on some sleep.)

And while we’re still collecting the photos from all kinds of sources, I’d like to share these two pics which really tell a lot about the do-it-yourself culture of atoms&bits – they show a conference shirt being silkscreened by hand at a little booth by SDW.

printing an atoms&bits shirt Printing an atoms&bits shirt. (Photo by Just/, Creative Commons BY NC SA 3.0)

atoms&bits shirt Printing an atoms&bits shirt. (Photo by Just/, Creative Commons BY NC SA 3.0)


And thank you for hosting such a great event, even though I didn’t have the time to get as involved as expected – things were crazy at work, and this was my first trip to Berlin so I needed to feel the pulse of the city too, this was not a business trip.

I can feel how the spirit of the event started the mental rebooting process that I needed, two weeks later I’m ready for ACTION!

Kim, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Sadly we didn’t really get to hang out, I hope we can catch up at some other point. (Apropos REBOOT!) See you in Copenhagen next year!