Not to get too deeply involved in Iranian politics which I know comparatively little about. But earlier today I emailed a young woman I had the chance to meet recently at Global Media Forum with a brief question about donations to the NGO she’s involved in. I wasn’t thinking much about it, I just figured donations don’t hurt. When I just got her result, I was shocked – while I was thinking about such mundane things as money, these young people are struggling for at least futures.

I’m not sure I should be quoting from this email, but these lines feel so intense I think they better speak for themselves.

“Up to now, since election, most of us are talking and thinking about election results, street demonstrations, arresting people … we had a terrible shock and we got thrown among lies. We are still so sad and angry. We have to overcome our problems,” she said among many other things, “and we shall, but we need time.”

Around them, chaos is raging, and this young woman takes the time to reply to my email, to share her thoughts and to explain herself. The odd thing is – she’s an extremely brave young woman, but she’s like one of us, she could be a geek from around the corner. I don’t know what to say.

(Boingboing has a list of things to do for Iranians.)

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