The Folks Behind Coworking: Tony Bacigalupo

New Work CityTony Bacigalupo is one of the heads behind New York City, a New York-based coworking space. In the third installment of my series of interviews on coworking, Tony shares his take on coworking.

What does Coworking mean for you?

Coworking means so many things to me, but overall I think it represents a big step in a larger shift in the way we work and live. The shift is one that moves away from white-collar work in centralized offices at set hours, and toward independent work closer to home.

What brought you to Coworking?

I was telecommuting, working from home, and it was awesome until it drove me nuts. I figured there were other people like me out there who needed to get out of their home and work alongside one another.

Every Coworking Space seems different. What’s the focus of yours, what makes it special?

We’re focused on freelancers and small startups in NYC, and we’re the only space in Manhattan dedicated to coworking. We want to help independent workers in NYC and also help make NYC a friendlier place for people to work on independent projects.

Where do you see Coworking in five years?

I see coworking in lots of different shapes and sizes. Many of them won’t use the word “coworking,” but the principles will be there. Dedicated workspaces, cafes, hotels, apartment buildings, libraries, executive work centers, libraries, home-based spaces, hybrid spaces… more and more people are going to be able to work anywhere, and they are going to work everywhere.

Where can we find you?

Right here at my desk in New Work City, in the middle of my amazing community of members :-)

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