Berlin Munchies: New Berlin Food Blog

Bagel at Goldmarie, Kreuzberg

A new pet project of mine is all about food: Berlin Munchies is a blog about food in Berlin. Not exactly haute cuisine, but down-to-earth, day-to-day food encounters. My collaborators Michelle and AlienTed and I take snapshots of food we encounter in places we like, and add a brief description. We focus on restaurants and snack bars, cafes and bars.

It’s all very beta, totally subjective, and low-key: We take the pics mostly with our cellphone cameras and have them posted automatically to the blog. (I really like the live character of posting straight from my phone, but the quality really is somewhat sad.)

So here’s what to expect: A (often blurry – cellphone camera, remember?) photo of a dish or a drink; a brief description of why we like the place; and an idea of where to find it. That’s it.

Inspiration came from two food blogs I recently encountered: New York based The Young & Hungry, and J‘s Let’s Break Bread. Both are great; both look much better than ours; still, I think there’s a lot of yummy food to be had in Berlin. So if you’re in town and are looking for a snack or a drink, have a look.

Photo: Bagel at Goldmarie, Kreuzberg

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