NYC Open Office Trip

I heart New YorkIn April/May I’ll spend a few weeks in New York. After all, what really makes a web freelancer’s life so good is the ability to work from wherever there’s an internet connection. So I’ll be working from NYC, and of course I’d love to meet up with as many of you in the tech and web scene as possible. If you happen to be located in the city, drop me a line (peter at or get in touch via Twitter, and let’s meet up.

I’m not sure yet where I’ll be working from: My apartment, a coffee house, a co-working space? (Recommendations?) Taking a cue from the rockstars over at The Next Web, I tend towards doing something similar to their Open Office Trip. I love the idea of crashing at the office of cool web companies occasionally to get to know you, and get some work done. So if you have a spare desk, a chair and wifi for a day or two, you’re my hero.


Wow Peter !! This one promises to be an interesting rip :)

Just noticed that you’re going to Hannover as well ! I just came back from there, a fantastic place as well.

How are you doing overall? Any plans for a trip to India :)