Meet up at CeBIT (4-8 March)

Kindly invited by T-Systems MMS, I’ll be at CeBIT, Hannover. It has been a while since I visited CeBIT the last time. While I loved going there as a student, I somewhat lost interest in the exhibition as the focus – at least in my perception – was too much on hardware and not so much on web technologies. Clearly, the organizers are trying to change just that. The Webciety is an extra area that revolved around the intersection of life & internet, i.e. digital life and culture. If you’re more into enterprise stuff, the Cebit Global Conference program might hold something for you. Either way, I’ll be recording interviews for part of the time (full disclosure: paid gig), partly scouting for interesting stuff. (I think I’ll be paying a lot of attention to the next generation of mobile devices, there’s some hot stuff coming up.)

There’s also going be a pl0gbar, Thursday Friday from 6-10pm, also at the Webciety area (Hall 6, booth T3.02.), make sure to drop by and say hi. I’m looking forward to meeting up with interesting folks, so get in touch (peter (at) the or via twitter) if if you’re planning to be there!


Hm, P., good question. One, it’s clearly sad to see Web 2.0 Expo not come to town, especially after the O’Reilly & TechWeb crew put so much effort into getting it right in ’08 (after a bit of a fumble in ’07).

Two, I guess it’s somewhat understandable that they want to focus on their main objectives and cut down on everything else. Global economic crisis and all that. That said,…

…three, I think it might be smart to try to move your business from domestic to global level, and that includes conferences. In the long run, I think it would have paid off for O’Reilly. But the long run isn’t what most companies are looking at right now.

Also, to be fair, O’Reilly and TechWeb do have their fingers in all kinds of businesses, a lot of them in the trend category. So moving on from Web 2.0 Expo to something else (that’s certainly NOT called Web 3.0 Expo) might make sense. Something around the buzzwords mobile/semantic/business/back to basics would make sense ;)

So that’s my 2 cent. What do you think?

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