Meet up at Open Space Dresden, Barcamp Hamburg, LeWeb Paris

Image Berlinblase by flickr user dotdean, creative commons by-ncOver the next few weeks, I’ll be on the road a fair bit to attend exciting events. Partly this will be a paid gig, but mostly it’s out of pure interest. So what’s the plan? I’ll be at three conferences (see below) to meet up with cool folks, to blog, twitter and – most importantly – to shoot a whole lot of interviews.

I’m really psyched about the great feedback we’ve been getting for our conference coverage on Berlinblase, which is after all a pure fun project by a bunch of folks who’re passionate about the web (here’s who we are). So while I’m at the conferences, I’ll be trying to provide as much inside coverage from the events as I can, and some others of the Berlinblase crew will be around as well. (Some of the coverage will be in German, particularly of LeWeb, some in English. We’ll have to play that part by ear. If you have a strong opinion about the language, please let me know.)

To cut a long story short: The next few weeks will be busy, but a blast. Here’s what’s going to happen:

Dresden Future CommunityFirst up (20 Nov) I’ll be at Dresden Open Space, where it’s all about the impact of new technologies on society. Cool stuff indeed! If everything works out as planned, Steffen Büffel and I will be taping interviews galore. (Disclosure: I’ll be there for T-Systems, who also organize the event. Thanks, Marcella, for putting it all together!)

Barcamp Hamburg 2Just two days later (22-23 Nov), Barcamp Hamburg 2 will hopefully be a blast. Plenty of friends to catch up with, and hopefully plenty of new folks to meet as well. It should be interesting to see how the different size plays out – while Barcamp Berlin 3 had about 500-600 attendees per day, Barcamp Hamburg will be in the 200-300 region.

LeWeb ParisIn December (9-10 Dec) it’s time to head over to LeWeb Paris, which I’m really excited about. From what I hear (and judging by the list of speakers (PDF)) LeWeb really is a league of its own. What I’m particularly curious about is the difference to Web 2.0 Expo Berlin: Whereas Web 2.0 Expo is a series of conference that started out with (and still has) a strong U.S. focus, LeWeb is as European as it gets. Never mind the speaker overlap with Web 2.0 Expo ;) (Thanks to Stephanie Booth and the LeWeb press team, you guys are doing an amazing job.)

If you’re at any of those events, make sure to say hi! To make the coordination easier, why not connect on Dopplr or Twitter?

Image Berlinblase (top) by dotdean, licensed under Creative Commons (by-nc)

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