On the internet, we will always be beaten on price

We will always be beaten on price (by Flickr user moleitau, all rights reserved) Image: We will always be beaten on price, courtesy of blackbeltjones

Somehow this picture by Blackbeltjones really resonated with me. It seems to sum up a basic dilemma fact of life everybody (or at least every web worker, freelancer, creative type and coffee shop dweller) faces these days: We’ll never be able to compete through price. On the internet, there’s always someone who’ll be ready to be cheaper, maybe even faster.

Is this a bad thing? I don’t think so, not at all. From my experience, quality and good chemistry beat price anytime. If a client wants it primarily cheap, there’s decent places to get that. But the kind of work many of us are offering needs some time, creative input and experience. (To get an idea, check out Stowe Boyd’s Ten Day Rule, which pretty much sums it up.)

Why am I mentioning this? It’s not like any of my clients has ever complained in this respect, it’s always been good, constructive and trust-based relationships. But this photo was too good not to use it here. ’nuff said.