The sun is Constantly Setting (watch it)

Out of Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino‘s lab comes Constant Setting, a beautiful Flickr-based mashup. Constant Setting shows us photos (released under Creative Commons, tagged on Flickr with sunset and a location), from those places where the sun is setting right now. So what happens is, you get to see a never-ending flow of sunset photos from all over the world, following the sun setting around the globe. Beautiful – make sure to switch to full screen!

Constant Setting, image courtesy Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino Image: Constant Setting, courtesy Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

Constant Setting was created by Alexandra D.S., D’Arcy Saum and Nick Chip. Read more on Alexandra’s blog, and don’t forget to watch the sunset.


cool stuff. i started reading jeremiah owyang and chris brogan after your recommended them and i really do not find jeremiah owyang readable/accessible at ALL if you’re not a web 2.0 insider. chris brogan, on the other hand, is pretty solid.

Hey p, thanks for your feedback. Good point – Jeremiah Owyang writes more for the in-crew; however, for those inside the industry his weekly digests are very valuable, and he occasionally posts very good analogies to help outsiders understand web 2.0 basics. Chris Brogan on the other hand offers great webinars that I highly recommend.

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