Music 2.0 Dinner in Berlin

Last Friday, I was very happy to get the chance to attend the first Berlin Music 2.0 dinner. (Thanks a lot to David of Hobnox for organizing it!) Over yummy pasta & wine a fun crowd of people discussed where online music is going (and how sad it is to see the RIAA shooting down another great service, Muxtape).

So who was there? At the table were Eric of Soundcloud (Soundcloud also sponsored the first Berlin Likemind recently), Anthony and Taylor of the HypeMachine, Thomas of P3000, and EJ, the head behind The Next Web. More folks and friends joined in later.

Three things connected all of us there: We love music; we work for the internets; and we share a passion for Berlin. Make sure to check out EJ’s post about why Berlin is one rocking start-up city. (Hint: Low rents are one point, but not the most important one.)

It was good fun, and showed me again that there’s so much going on in Berlin, we just need to meet up more often. So I’m looking forward to round two of both Likemind and the Music 2.0 dinner. If you’re in town, make sure to drop by.


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