I’ve mentioned it before: I work for the Internets. Together with two co-conspirators, we also set up an on demand print store. More importantly, though, I just got the website to go with the shirt: www.iworkfortheinternets.

Admittedly, it’s all still very much under development – so far I’ve just taken the stylesheets from my other domain – but there you go. Also, the shirt shop on Spreadshirt isn’t designed at all yet, and we might have to find a solution with cheaper shipping outside Germany.

Feedback is highly welcome, of course. For the time being, there’s a few photos (with very mixed picture quality) of what the shirts look like on


You’re absolutely right, but worry not, DrJ, we can easily do that. What’s your preferred configuration? I’ll be happy to set it up, or you’re welcome to print it yourself. (You’ll even come out a few bucks cheaper.) Just let me know which way you prefer ;)

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