CNN introduces embeddable video

CNN just introduced embeddable video. The CNN behind the Scenes blog has the details:

We are very happy to announce our latest move in that effort with the introduction of the embeddable video player, a stand-alone video player that can be virally distributed by using a code snippet to embed on almost any site or blog that you choose. For the time being, the player is limited to a single clip and available in the player size, 384×216. We’ve also added a share feature to allow you to share videos on your favorite social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace.

The embedded player looks like this:

Seeing the CNN offer this feature is a really good sign that major media companies might eventually figure out how to work the internets. So far, all they tried was to keep readers & viewers on their site where they probably thought it was easier to sell ads. But this looks pretty good. What’s more, bloggers can now can more easily discuss politics online and provide some media coverage with their posts. It’s a clear win/win, and I can just hope that more media outlets will offer embedabble media. It’s an important step for them in order to stay relevant, and a nice hat tip to us bloggers.

(via The Next Web)

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