Traditional media goes mobile streaming: Gannett & Mogulus?

Mogulus logoAs Techcrunch announced today, video streaming service Mogulus just got a big of extra cash ($10 million). What interesting here is who that money is coming from: Gannett, a major U.S. based publisher and very much a traditional media outlet:

[Garnett] publishes 85 daily newspapers, including USA TODAY, and nearly 900 non-daily publications. (…) The company is the largest newspaper publisher in the U.S.

Neither Mogulus nor Gannett mention anything on their blogs, websites or in their press releases (yet), so handle Techcrunch’s info with care. But if this is true, then Gannett’s investing in a video streaming service like Mogulus is a good indicator of how media is evolving. And indeed, giving your readers, users or citizen journalists the tools to capture their own news would make a lot of sense particularly for traditional outlets. So it should be interesting to see how this plays out.

Update: Both companies confirmed the deal: Gannett’s press release, Mogulus’ press release, Mogulus’ blog post. Please note that neither company discloses the amount of the investment.

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