perspctv: Who’s talking about McCain, Obama?

perspectv visualizes who’s being talked about more: McCain or OBama. Or as TechCrunch calls it: “An Election Mashup That Proves Nothing, But Looks Good Doing It“.

And guess what? It’s just that:

This project presents different perspectives in our world, including that of Mainstream media and user-generated content on the Internet. (…) What we think vs. what they say we think — All the chatter on the Internet, all the traditional news media coverage, and all the pollsters (…) and gives a unique “dashboard” picture of the elections at any one given moment in time, totally un-biased.

It’s fairly simple, according to TechCrunch perspctv just counts how many times the two presidential candidates are mentioned, then creates graphs accordingly. Not too special, but to be fair, pretty cool in a way. Cool: perspctv provides a widget that you can embed in your blogs so you always know who’s twittered about more frequently.

Something that might pop up in the next German elections as well?

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