LegalTorrents gives you… legal torrents

Filesharing – legal or illegal – is here to stay. While many users are confused about the legality of filesharing platforms and protocols like BitTorrent, here’s an alternative that only serves legal content. LegalTorrents features movies, music, games, books, audio books, whatever you’re looking for. Obviously not the same range as less restrictive platforms, but everything you see is approved and legal.

Contributors have to be approved to be able to upload, the contents are either self-produced, public domain or (in most cases, I assume) Creative Commons licensed.

So far, there’s not too much content, but I expect the catalogue to quickly. For content owners, this platform may be a great way to get better exposure and keep distribution costs to a minimum. As peer-to-peer filesharing networks go, the more people participate, the more efficient the network gets. The basics are explained in the FAQ.

(via MAKE)

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