12seconds: Twitter for video (and video for Twitter)

A new day, a new video service. Today: 12seconds, which has a refreshing take on web video: Record a video message of exactly 12 seconds, the moving image equivalent of a 140 character message on Twitter. It’s a video micro blog.

hello world on 12seconds.tv My first test post on 12seconds.

You see the parallels to Twitter? Well, good. Because Twitter integration is also what 12 seconds is all about, and that really works a charm.

As with Twitter, it’s not really obvious why anyone would want to get 12 second video snippets about your whereabouts. Also as with Twitter, I’m fairly sure there’s excellent use cases and a certain addictive quality to the service. That said, 12seconds seems to me like a service better used mobile, where it could be quite fun, and maybe even useful.

(via mashable. Thanks to Ross Hill for the invite.)


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